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What Time Does Zaxby’s Close? – Answered Here

what time does zaxby's close

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. It packs you the energy you need throughout the day. However, if you are thinking of grabbing that favorite cup of coffee and some healthy bites, you should visit at Zaxby’s.

Now, if you also want to get some dinner on your way back, you are more than welcome. But do you know what time does zaxby’s close? You wouldn’t want to miss out on dinner just  because Zaxby’s is closed.

it should help if you know the closing hour of Zaxby and when it opens for a day. In this article, I have offered a open and closing schedule of Zaxby’s and every menu you can order at this popular restaurant chain.

About Zaxby

If you are thinking of the best American-style chicken, then Zaxby’s is a popular place you should go to. Borne out of the minds of two childhood friends, Zaxby’s is a popular chain of restaurants established in 1990. These two friends were Tony Townley and Zach McLeroy.

Zaxby’s is known both for its chicken and its healthy environment that makes the customers feel welcomed. Customers can experience the most delicious chicken fast foods, starting from chicken wings, salads, fingers, sandwiches, and so on.

Yes, they started small. However, Zaxby’s grew into a massive restaurant chain famous and loved throughout America. They have more than 940 restaurants spread across 560 cities in 17 US states.

What Time Does Zaxby’s Close?

What time does Zaxby’s open? And when do they close? Whether you are planning to grab breakfast or have dinner, these two questions might come to your mind. Be it a closing time or opening, it depends upon your location.

However, the average time for Zaxby’s opening is 10:30 am. Therefore, you can expect them to stay open until 10:00 pm on average. However, some locations open at Zaxby’s at 6:00 am and close by 11:00 pm. Daily hours may also vary in different locations of Zaxby’s.

Zaxby's Close

If you live around the southeastern states of the US, you will probably see a Zaxby restaurant in your neighborhood. Also, If you are visiting Zaxby’s, I suggest you try out Zaxby’s chicken fingers & buffalo wings. So, when does Zaxby’s close? I think you will find a better answer by reading this chart.

Alabama – 618 Highland AveSelma, AL, 36701Mon – Sun10:30AM09:00 PM
Alabama – 1750 E Main StPrattville, AL, 36066Mon – Sun10:45AM09:00 PM
Florida – 590 N Broadway AveBartow, FL, 33830Mon – Sun10:45AM09:00 PM
Mississippi – 2907 W KingshighwayMon – Sun10:30AM10:00 PM
South Carolina – 1759 S Lake DrLexington, SC, 29073Mon – Sun10:30AM10:00 PM
Oklahoma – 5859 NW ExpresswayWarr Acres, OK, 73132Mon – Sun10:30AM10:00 PM
Georgia – 6355 Oak StEastman, GA, 31023Mon – Sun11:00AM10:00 PM

These are some examples of Zaxby’s opening and closing hours in different states of the US. However, the average time of opening and closing should help you reach these restaurants at the proper time. So, what time does Zaxby’s close? I think you have got the answer.

What Time Does Zaxby’s Close On Holidays?

But if you are planning to visit Zaxby’s during the holidays, the schedule might change a little. Zaxby’s stays open during some of the holidays. While, On some other holidays, Zaxby’s remains open, and on others, Zaxby’s remains closed. 

Holidays Open/Closed Opens and Closes at
Thanksgiving DayClosed
Christmas EveClosed Early10-30 to 5:00
Christmas DayClosed
New Years EveNormal
New Years DayOpens Late12:00 to 10:00

However, they usually remain open during other holidays. They open pretty much every day throughout the year. You will find most locations open during these below holidays –

  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Boxing Day (December 26)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Black Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Juneteenth (June 19)
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday

Some Zaxby locations have a breakfast menu, and they have a breakfast schedule. But this is not the same for all Zaxby’s restaurants. They stay open seven days a week.

What Are The Busiest Zaxby Hours?

What Are The Busiest Zaxby Hours?

The busiest periods of the day for Zaxby’s are typically lunch and dinner. Many people are stopping to eat at this time as they take a break from work or running errands.

around Zaxby’s, the lunch rush frequently starts around 11 a.m. and lasts until 1 p.m. At this time, there will be more customers and longer lineups.

The busiest period of the day at Zaxby’s is often between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Zaxby’s observes a significant increase in consumers at this time who are either leaving work or preparing to do something enjoyable in the evening.

If you visit Zaxby’s during these hours, be prepared for a busy and possibly packed atmosphere; if you want to save time, place an order in advance or opt for delivery.

Zaxby Near Me: How To Find The Closest Zaxby Outlet?

How To Find The Closest Zaxby Outlet

But guess what? Finding the greatest restaurant is never easy when I move to a new location. If I don’t use technology, it is tough for me to get to the nearby restaurants or food establishments. And when I say “technology,” I entirely mean our dependable friend Google Maps.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re trying to figure out how to discover the closest Zaxby to where you are right now. Here is a suggestion for you:

1. How To Find Zaxby Near Me Using Google Maps?

In order to find the nearest Zaxby to you, you can use Google Maps. Here is something that you can do:

  • Activate Google Maps.
  • In the “search here” box, enter “Zaxby near me.”
  • You’ll receive a list of retailers.
  • Read the reviews and the travel time to the location with attention.
  • Choose a Zaxby location of your choosing.
  • In the lower-left corner of the screen, select the Directions option by tapping it.
  • Decide whatever form of transportation you want to use.
  • Choose the quickest path.
  • To begin your navigation, tap the Start button.
  • Once you arrive at the Zaxby location you chose, stop the navigation.

2. How To Find Zaxby Near Me Using Google?

If you do not want to use Google Maps directly, then you can also use the Google Search Engine to find Zaxby outlets near you. Here is how you can do that:

  • Launch Google or Chrome.
  • In the search box, enter “Zaxby near me.”
  • To begin the search, press the magnifying glass.
  • The names of several boba shops close to you will be listed at the top of the screen. You can choose them to be sent to Google Maps. After that, the method for getting to the output is the same as described earlier.


  • Scroll down to find a variety of blogs that list nearby Zaxby locations along with specific driving directions.
  • Select a Zaxby location.
  • Activate Google Maps.
  • Google Maps can be found by typing in the location’s name.
  • Find Your Way.
  • Select a method of transportation.
  • begin the navigation.
  • Once you get to your location, turn off navigation.

Zaxby’s Breakfast Menu

Do you want to grab breakfast? Well, you can expect this delicious menu at Zaxby’s

Name Of The Food ItemPrice
Medium Soft Drink / Iced Tea$1.89
Signature Chicken Biscuit Meal$3.99
Texas Toast Chicken Panini Meal$4.65
Breakfast Bowl$4.99
Texas Toast Sausage Panini Meal$4.65
Side of Gritz$1.29
Large Soft Drink or Iced Tea$2.09
Orange Juice / Apple Juice$1.99
20 oz. Iced Coffee$1.79
Gravy Gritz$2.49
Doughnut Bites$1.49
Zegg & Cheese Bacon Biscuit Meal$4.39
Side of Texas Toast$0.59
Zegg & Cheese Sausage Biscuit Meal$4.39
Small Soft Drink or Iced Tea$1.69
Gravy Biscuit$1.99
Steel-Cut Oatmeal$2.65
Zegg & Cheese Chicken Biscuit Meal$4.39

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions people ask about Zaxby’s. If you are looking for similar questions and answers, then here are some that might help.

1. Is Zaxby’s Only In Georgia?

Ans: Zaxby’s opened its first restaurant in Statesboro in March of 1990. Statesboro is in Georgia. Currently, they have more than 970 stores in different locations across 17 states, including Georgia. Some of the names include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina.

2. Is Zaxby’s Coke Or Pepsi?

Ans: Well, there are 100 different options to choose from at Zaxby’s. However, most of the locations of Zaxby’s feature Coca-Cola Freestyle® machines. So, if you love drinking coca cola, you are covered.

3. Did Zaxby’s Change, Their Chicken?

Ans: Zaxby’s chicken tenders have changed a little. They taste similar to processed chicken nowadays. It is better to find out the change in taste by trying it out yourself. There are other places that offer similar-tasting chicken.


What time does Zaxby’s close? I think you should be able to Navigate their schedule once you go through the schedule of the restaurants I have offered here. The breakfast menu might also be helpful. However, you can let us know if we have missed out on any detail.

Also, if you have any questions, you can also list them in the comment. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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