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Coronavirus in India Urges Government to Pause EMI and Loan Repayments

Coronavirus in India Urges Government to Pause EMI

The Coronavirus in India has already resulted in the fall of the business and overall the economy of the country. Employers are asking the bosses for their unpaid leaves willingly. This is why many have requested to put a halt on the EMI that is yet to be completed. Most of the people in India are taking a temporary break from the repayment of loans and EMIs. 

The economy of India is already triggered under the Novel Coronavirus which has led to various lockdowns and shut down in India. The economy of the world already suffered when the Coronavirus activity first happened in the factories of China. China could not control the outbreak and hence it is now in the entire world, rapidly spreading in human beings. Now leading with the outbreak of Hantavirus in China which also killed a young man. 

Since the Government of India declared a lockdown for 21 days the economic growth has stopped a lot. The business activity has reduced which has resulted in severe layoffs in the industry. Where some employers were compelled to shut themselves are home, some employers have granted work from home. 

Through various modes like social media platforms, the citizens of India are appealing to the government to set a pause on their EMI repayment. They have also requested to put a stop at this unless there is some proper clarity on the matter. The lockdown for 21 days for Coronavirus could be increased if the country does not feel virus free. 

This virus has struck the nation so hard that there is barely any other medication than washing hands at a regular interval. 

According to Deccan Chronicle, the Ola, Uber or taxi drivers have asked for a moratorium on their payable car loans as of now. Both the Ola and Uber commuting applications have been suspended in the fight against Corona Virus. 

Other countries like America and the President of America has taken steps to fight Coronavirus. The American Government has also postponed the dates of tax payment due to coronavirus. 

This is the best time that the e-commerce business is getting a leap but the deadly virus is also not allowing them to make a fulltime profit. 

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